The Tenth RIKEN-NYCU Symposium on
Physical and Chemical Sciences

Date: October 26th–27th, 2023


This symposium is aiming at promoting the collaborations between RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science (CEMS) and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU). The theme of the symposium is strong correlation physics, supramolecular chemistry, and quantum information electronics, including both theory and experiment.



Date: October 26th–27th, 2023 Japan Standard Time (UTC+09)

Day1: Thursday, Oct. 26th

Opening Remarks9:20–9:30Yoshinori Tokura
Opening Remarks
Chemistry 19:30–10:00Chain-Shu HsuNYCU
High Performances Organic Photovoltaics Over 18% Efficiency Based on Carbazole-Based Non-Fullerene Acceptors
10:00–10:30Kazuo TakimiyaRIKEN
Manipulation of Crystal Structures of Molecular Semiconductors: Rational Approach to High-performance Materials by Molecular Design
Chemistry 210:45–11:15Jiun-Tai ChenNYCU
Smart Gating and Ion Conductivity Control of Grafted Anodic Aluminum Oxide Membranes
11:15–11:45Yasuhiro IshidaRIKEN
Hydrogel with Mechanical Nonreciprocity: Toward Functions against The Increase of Entropy
11:45–12:15Yang-Hsiang ChanNYCU
Nir-Ii Imaging for Deep-Tissue Imaging and Translational Medicine
12:15–13:30Lunch Break
Chemistry 3 / Physics 113:30–14:00Yong-Jin PuRIKEN
Inverted Singlet and Triplet Excited States in Organic Molecules
14:00–14:30Bor-Ran Li NYCU
Development of Integrated Biomedical Devices for Clinical Use
14:30–15:00Seigo TaruchaRIKEN
Real-Time Measurement and Control of Spin Dynamics in Quantum Dots
Physics 215:20–15:50Chun-Liang LinNYCU
Manipulating and Monitoring Electronic Structures of Layered Materials by STM Tip
15:50–16:20Yoshihiro IwasaRIKEN
Electrical Control of Quantum Phase of Matter
16:20–16:50Wen-Hao ChangNYCU
Wafer-Scale Single-Crystal Growth of 2D Semiconductors for Practical Applications
Poster17:00–18:30Poster Session

Day2: Friday, Oct. 27th

Physics 39:30–10:00Naoto NagaosaRIKEN
Photovoltaic Effect in Noncentrosymmetric Quantum Materials
10:00–10:30Chien-Te WuNYCU
Topological Phase Transitions of Dirac Magnons in Honeycomb Ferromagnets
Physics 410:45–11:15Yasujiro TaguchiRIKEN
Topological Spin Textures above Room Temperature
11:15–11:45Jiunn-Yuan LinNYCU
The Renascence of Researches on Infinite Layer Cuprates
Closing Remarks11:45Chain-Shu Hsu
Closing Remarks

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Registration deadline: October 17, 2023

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Secretariat of RIKEN-NYCU Symposium 2023:
Emergent Supramolecular Materials Research Team, RIKEN CEMS

2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198, JAPAN


  • Yong-Jin Pu (RIKEN CEMS)