CEMS Symposium on Emergent Quantum Materials 2024

CEMS Symposium on Emergent Quantum Materials 2024

February 20-22, 2024
Tokyo, Japan


The CEMS Symposium on “Emergent Quantum Materials” will be held on February 20-22, 2024 at Belle Salle Akihabara, Tokyo. This symposium is the 19th in a series that has been organized by JRCAT, AIST-CERC, ERATO, FIRST, and RIKEN since 1996.

This international symposium will bring together leading and active researchers in the field of emergent phenomena in correlated quantum materials, and provide a forum for sharing new ideas and information on latest developments and for discussing future research directions.

The focus of this symposium will be the following subjects:

  1. Topological magnets, magnetic textures
  2. Interfaces, 2D materials, superstructures
  3. Topological materials
  4. Photo-induced phenomena
  5. Novel superconductors