CEMS Topical Meeting Online

Emergent 2D Quantum Material Systems

November 19, 2021



Two-dimensional (2D) materials and their integrated superstructures provide emergent phenomena associated with reduced dimensionality, modified lattice symmetry, and enhanced proximity coupling. In this meeting, we will share and discuss the recent results on those emergent phenomena arising in 2D quantum material systems including 2D superconductors/magnets, magnetic van der Waals interfaces, as well as moiré flat band systems, where spin-orbit coupling and/or electron correlation play essential roles.



Friday, November 19, 2021

9:30 - 9:40Opening
9:40 - 10:20Yuan Cao (Harvard University)
Strong coupling and spin-triplet superconductivity in magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene
10:20 - 11:00Vlad Pribiag (University of Minnesota)
Two-fold symmetric superconductivity in few-layer NbSe2
11:00 - 11:10Break
11:10 - 11:50Xiaodong Xu (University of Washington)
Quantum Sensing of Moiré Magnetism
11:50 - 12:30Masaki Nakano (University of Tokyo/RIKEN CEMS)
Interplay between spin-orbit coupling and magnetism at a magnetic van der Waals interface
12:30 - 15:00Break
15:00 - 15:40Yuya Shimazaki (RIKEN CEMS)
Electrically tunable homo bilayer moiré semiconductor probed by exciton spectroscopy
15:40 - 16:20Ding Zhang (Tsinghua University/RIKEN CEMS)
Exotic quantum phenomena in two-dimensional superconductors
16:20 - 16:30Break
16:30 - 17:10Peter Liljeroth (Aalto University)
Designer electronic states in van der Waals heterostructures
17:10 - 17:50Alberto Morpurgo (University of Geneva)
2D Magnetic Materials probed by tunneling magetoresistance
17:50 - 18:00Closing

* Japan Standard Time (JST / UTC+0900)


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