CEMS Topical Meeting Online

Emergent Pores

December 13, 2022



A "pore" does not represent an empty space, but rather serves as a "field" or "platform" for the expression of various functions. In all fields of science, pores of different sizes and shapes have been the subject of study. This topical meeting will feature speakers who are top-runners in research related to "pores" in different fields such as chemistry, physics, and biology.



Tuesday, December 13, 2022

14:00 - 14:10Opening Remarks
14:10 - 14:45Ming Liu (Zhejiang University)
Porous organic cages: modular, soluble and molecular pores
14:45 - 15:20Ryuji Kawano (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
De novo design of nanopores reconstituted in bilayer lipid membrane
15:20 - 15:55Hideaki Kato (The University of Tokyo)
Biological pores found in membrane proteins
15:55 - 16:30Hiroshi Sato (RIKEN CEMS)
Shape-Shifting Porous Crystals
16:30 - 17:00Break
17:00 - 17:35Easan Sivaniah (Kyoto University)
Hydrogen Separation Membrane Technology for Net-Zero Carbon Dioxide Economy
17:35 - 18:10Thomas D. Bennett (University of Cambridge)
Looking Beyond Crystallinity in Metal-Organic Frameworks
18:10 - 18:45Stefan Howorka (University College London)
Building pores with the power of DNA nanotechnology
18:45 - 18:55Closing Remarks

* Japan Standard Time (JST / UTC+0900)


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