CEMS Topical Meeting on

Chemistry of π-Conjugated Materials

July 31–August 1, 2023


π-conjugated molecules are important organic materials responsible for various functions related to optics, electrons, and magnetism. They also play an important role as a driving force in supramolecular chemistry.

This Topical Meeting will discuss recent topics on the synthesis and properties of π-conjugated molecules from a wide range of viewpoints in view of their various applications and will provide an opportunity to deepen the discussion on future directions and prospects


本Topical Meetingは、π共役系分子の合成と物性について、様々な用途を踏まえた幅広い観点から最近の話題について議論し、今後の方向性と将来展望に関して議論を深める機会の一つとして開催するものである。

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