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Program details

Monday, Jan. 25

10:10-12:30Session 1Chair: N. Nagaosa
10:10-10:40M01 Fuchun Zhang Zhejiang University
Theory of Quantum Spin Hall Effect in InAs/GaSb: Effect of Electric Field
10:40-11:10M02 Yoshinori Tokura RIKEN CEMS
Magnetoelectric responses from superstructures of topological insulators
11:30-12:00M03 Yayu Wang Tsinghua University
Electronic structure and electronic order in parent and lightly doped cuprates
12:00-12:30M04 Xi Dai Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Weyl semimetal phase in non-centrosymmetric transition metal monophosphides
14:00-16:10Session 2Chair: S. Sakai
14:00-14:30M05 Xiaofeng Jin Fudan University
Superconductivity in Epitaxial Bi/Ni Bilayers
14:30-15:00M06 Guo-qing Zheng Okayama University
Spin-rotation symmetry breaking and triplet superconducting state in a doped topological insulator revealed by NMR
15:00-15:30M07 Shingo Yonezawa Kyoto University
Calorimetric studies of topological superconductors
15:30-15:50M08 Naoto Tsuji RIKEN CEMS
Higgs and new amplitude modes in superconductors with strong electron-phonon interactions
15:50-16:10M09 Bohm-Jung Yang Seoul National University
Quantum criticality of semimetal-insulator transitions in 2D interacting electronic systems
16:40-18:30Session 3Chair: F. Zhang
16:40-17:00M10 Ryotaro Arita RIKEN CEMS
Ab initio derivation of spin continuum model: Toward materials design of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
17:00-17:20M11 Wataru Koshibae RIKEN CEMS
Dynamics of skyrmion and antiskyrmion in magnets
17:20-17:40M12 Mamoru Matsuo JAEA
Spin hydrodynamic generation
17:40-18:00M13 Hiroyuki Chudo JAEA
Observation of Barnett field by NMR and NQR
18:00-18:30M14 Sadamichi Maekawa JAEA
Spin Hall Effects due to Critical Spin Fluctuations

Tuesday, Jan. 26

09:30-12:30Session 1Chair: S. Maekawa
09:30-10:00T01 Ting-Kuo Lee Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
Spectra of intertwined-order states originated from Mott physics
10:00-10:30T02 Vic Kam Tuen Law Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Ising superconductivity and Majorana Fermions in transition metal dichalcogenides
10:30-10:50T03 Yi Zhou Zhejiang University
Instability of three-band Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids: renormalization group analysis and possible application to K2Cr3As3
11:10-11:30T04 Shiro Sakai RIKEN CEMS
High-temperature superconductivity induced by emergent fermionic excitation
11:30-12:00T05 Takami Tohyama Tokyo University of Science
Nonequilibrium Charge Dynamics in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
12:00-12:30T06 Nao Takeshita AIST
Enhancement of superconductivity at high pressure in Hg-based multilayer cuprates
15:30-18:20Session 2Chair: W. Koshibae
15:30-16:00T07 Riichiro Saito Tohoku University
Tunable photo absorption of terahertz electromagnetic wave by double layer graphene
16:00-16:20T08 Po-Chun Chen National Tsing-Hua University
A Memory of Majorana Modes through Quantum Quench
16:20-16:50T09 Tao Xiang Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science
Charge dynamics of the antiferromagnetically ordered Mott insulator
17:20-17:50T10 Naoki Kawashima ISSP, The University of Tokyo
Tensor Network Study of Frustrated Heisenberg Magnets
17:50-18:20T11 Jan Zaanen Universiteit Leiden
Strange metals, fermion signs and entanglement.

Wednesday, Jan. 27

09:30-13:00Session 1Chair: R. Arita
09:30-10:00W01 Jaejun Yu Seoul National University
Topological phases and magnetic interactions in J = 1/2 materials
10:00-10:30W02 Hisatomo Harima Kobe University
Split Fermi surfaces in chiral cubic ullmannite-type compounds
10:30-11:00W03 Noriaki K. Sato Nagoya University
Magnetism and superconductivity in quasicrystals and approximant crystals
11:30-12:00W04 Minoru Nohara Okayama University
Exploration of novel pnictides and their superconducting properties
12:00-12:30W05 Satoshi Fujimoto Osaka University
Berry-Curvature-Induced Transport Phenomena in Weyl Semimetals and Weyl Superconductors
12:30-13:00W06 Yuji Matsuda Kyoto University
BCS-BEC crossover, preformed pairs and Dirac-like electrons with nontrivial Berry phase in FeSe

Poster Session  (13:30-15:20, Tuesday, Jan. 26)

P01Seyed Akbar Jafari Sharif University of Technology
Exactly solvable extension of XY model with multiple Majorana zero modes
P02Tong Zhou The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Ising Superconductivity and Majorana Fermions in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
P03Yao Lu The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
A New Platform of Engineering Topological Superconductors: Superlattices on Rashba Superconductors
P04Retno Asih Osaka University / RIKEN
µSR Study on the Pyrochlore Iridates R2Ir2O7 (R= Nd, Sm)
P05Sungwon Yoon RIKEN Nishina Center
Study of the magnetic property of a Kitaev Honecyomb material RuCl3 using spin polarized muons
P06Edi Suprayoga RIKEN Nishina Center
Investigation of Electronic and Magnetic Properties of (C6H5CH2CH2NH3)2CuCl4 and (C2H5NH3)2CuCl4, Organic Inorganic Hybrid Materials
P07Dita Puspita Sari RIKEN Nishina Center
µSR Study of Organic Superconductors λ-(BETS)2GaCl4
P08Noraina Adam Universiti Sains Malaysia
The Magnetism of CeRu2Al10
P09Takanobu Jujo Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Theory of Nonlinear Microwave Absorption by the Amplitude Mode in BCS Superconductors
P10Xiao-Xiao Zhang The University of Tokyo
Critical phenomena of emergent monopoles in a chiral magnet
P11Gen Tatara RIKEN CEMS
Electromagnetic metamaterial behaviors of Rashba conductor
P12Katsuya Iwaya RIKEN CEMS
Superconducting states of topological surface states in beta-PdBi2 studied by STM
P13Tadashi Machida RIKEN CEMS
Bipartite electronic superstructures in the vortex core of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d
P14Dai Kubota The University of Tokyo
Real-space renormalized dynamical mean field approximation
P15Toru Sakai University of Hyogo
Quantum Spin Liquid of the Kagome-Lattice Antiferromagnet
P16Heejae Kim Tokyo Institute of Technology
Spinless Weyl semimetal and Z2 topological crystalline insulator with glide symmetry
P17S. S. Mohd Tajudin RIKEN Nishina Center
Study of Muon Site Calculation and Experimental in YBa2Cu3O6.
P18Kenji Tsutsui Japan Atomic Energy Egency
Theoretical Study of Cu L-edge RIXS Spectra on Cuprates
P19Hidefumi Takahashi The University of Tokyo
Colossal Seebeck effect induced by the phonon drag of quasi-ballistic phonons and massive electrons in FeSb2
P20Naoya Arakawa RIKEN CEMS
Interaction and multiband effects in intrinsic spin-Hall effect of an interacting multiorbital metal
P21Hiroshi Watanabe RIKEN CEMS
Charge-density wave and exciton condensation in 1T-TiSe2
P22Yutaka Akagi The University of Tokyo
Topological defects in quantum spin-nematics
P23Nobuyuki Yoshioka The University of Tokyo
Anomalous phonon Hall effect in polar ferrimagnets
P24Yuhki Kohsaka RIKEN CEMS
Spin-orbit scattering in quasiparticle interference
P25Hideo Kawaguchi Tokyo Metropolitan University
Coupling Theory of Emergent Spin Electromagnetic Field and Electromagnetic Field
P26Hidetoshi Masuda The University of Tokyo
Observation of the quantized Hall plateaus in a bulk antiferromagnet EuMnBi2 with quasi
2-dimensional Dirac fermions
P27Wataru Sano The University of Tokyo
Effect of van Hove singularities in high-Tc superconductivity in H3S
P28Michi-To Suzuki RIKEN CEMS
First-principles study of Berry curvature and anomalous hall effect in antiferromagnets
P29Motoaki Hirayama Tokyo Institute of Technology
Material Search for Weyl Nodes and Nodal-lines based on Symmetry
P30Aron Beekman Keio University
Dual gauge theory of quantum liquid crystals
P31Tetsuo Hanaguri RIKEN CEMS
Material-dependent Zeeman effect in the topological surface state
Magneto-optics and Chiral anomaly in Weyl semimetals
P32bPeng Zhang RIKEN CEMS
Coherent manipulation of a Majorana qubit by a mechanical resonator
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