CEMS Topical Meeting on Soft Robotics

CEMS Topical Meeting
Soft Robotics

October 27-28, 2016
Okochi Hall, RIKEN


Soft robotics is an emerging paradigm with organic embodiments that are easily deformable to adapt their shape and locomotion strategy according to the environment and biological bodies. The soft robots have been attracting much attentions because they are compatible with and adjust to environment and biological bodies. Having biologically-inspired sensing, self-learning, autogenous control, and self-healing properties will allow them more intuitive interaction and broader application in healthcare and human assistance. To achieve this, high level of integration and linkage among the materials, mechanics, electronics and drive technologies are required with close collaboration among the researchers that are expertized in different areas.
This topical meeting will gather together the various soft-robotics researchers to accumulate the state-of-art technologies, to draw the framework of future direction, and to materialize the huge potential impact through the combined efforts. The meeting covers a broad-range of topics including materials which are feasible for soft-actuators, constructions of mechanical systems, soft electronic systems, and artificial intelligence for soft robots.

The Meeting was concluded with great success.
Thank you very much for your active participation.

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Plenary Speaker

Prof. Ishiguro
Hiroshi Ishiguro
Distinguished Professor, Osaka University
"Studies on humanlike robots"


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Organized by

RIKEN, Center for Emergent Matter Science (CEMS)

Supported by

The Japan Society of Applied Physics,
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers,
The Robotics Society of Japan