42nd CEMS Colloquium


Dr. Akira Fujiwara (NTT Basic Research Laboratories)


17:30 - 18:30, September 21, 2016 (Wednesday)


Okochi-Hall, RIKEN


Ultimate Electronics with Silicon Nanodevices


The scale of silicon MOSFETs is now deeply into the nanometer range. Such downsizing has provided opportunities to investigate topics such as manipulating a small number of charges and controlling quantum-confinement effects in silicon nanostructures. There have been many investigations into these topics, but they mainly target LSI applications. Because nanoscale Si MOSFETs can provide stable and reproducible operations, they can be also promising for diverse applications such as metrology, sensors, integrated photonics, and quantum information. In this presentation, I will describe our recent efforts to add new value and functions to Si MOSFETs based on high-speed single-electron transfer and high-sensitivity charge detection towards realizing “ultimate electronics”