90th CEMS Colloquium


Dr. Daisuke Shindo (Emergent Phenomena Observation Technology Research Team, RIKEN CEMS)


17:30 - 18:30, May 26, 2021 (Wednesday)


Welfare Conference Bldg. 2F, RIKEN


Electron Holographic Visualization of Electromagnetic Fields and Electron Behavior


Recent progress in electron holography is reviewed [1]. Thanks to drastic improvements of precisions and resolutions of special observation instruments [2], it has become possible to quantitatively analyze both electric [3] and magnetic [4] fields in advanced materials at a nanometer scale. Distributions and orbits of emitted secondary electrons around charged insulator surfaces have been observed by detecting electric field variations due to electron motions [1]. By applying magnetic fields to these secondary electrons, the magnetic fields created by electron spin polarizations were also observed (Fig. 1) and analyzed by using simulation. These findings are expected to lead to developments of new technologies for manipulating electrons and for visualizing electron interactions with advanced materials.

Fig. 1 :In situ observation of electron spin polarization around charged mica surface

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