The 11th CEMS Award

The 11th CEMS Award was given to the following four researchers. This award is given to researchers and technicians who have contributed to achieving exemplary results in their research or research support activities.

The awardees were received certificates and commemorative medal from Center Director Arima, and had lectures on CEMS Colloquium.


Bulgarevich Kirill (Emergent Molecular Function Research Group)
“Discovery of ultra-high carrier mobility organic semiconductor material through the development of a novel method for crystal structure simulation”

Ricky Dwi Septianto(Emergent Device Research Group)
“Structural control and functionalization of colloidal quantum dot assemblies”

Akito Noiri (Quantum Functional System Research Group)
“Research on fidelity improvement of quantum operations in semiconductor qubit devices”

Wang Xiang (Emergent Bioinspired Soft Matter Research Team)
“Functional soft materials based on reversibly modulable nanosheets”

Yasin Fehmi Sami (Electronic States Microscopy Research Team)
“Direct observations of the dynamics of helical spin textures and (anti)skyrmions via electric/heat current flows”