The 6th CEMS Award

The 6th CEMS Award was given to the following four researchers. This award is given to researchers and technicians who have contributed to achieving exemplary results in their research or research support activities.

The awardees were received certificates and commemorative medal from Center Director Tokura, and had lectures on CEMS Colloquium.

Kosuke Karube (Strong Correlation Materials Research Group)
“Topological properties of high-temperature skyrmion materials ”

Ryutaro Yoshimi (Strong Correlation Quantum Transport Research Group)
“Development of topological quantum materials by means of molecular beam epitaxy ”

Kenjiro Fukuda (Emergent Soft System Research Team)
“Waterproof and thermally stable ultrathin organic solar cells ”

Rina Takagi (Strong Correlation Physics Research Group)
“Development and analysis of new materials with topological spin texture ”


All of them also received RIKEN Researcher Incentive Award.
Dr. Fukuda received RIKEN Industry Partnership Incentive Award, too.