28th CEMS Colloquium


Prof. Takehiko Mori (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


17:30 - 18:30, May 20, 2015 (Wednesday)


Okochi-Hall, RIKEN


Advanced Interfacial Engineering in Organic Transistors


Surface engineering is a crucial issue to extract intrinsic properties of organic semiconductors in organic devices. Thanks to the recent progress of interfacial engineering, it is becoming comparatively easy to achieve ambipolar organic transistors, and many small-molecule-based ambipolar semiconductors have been developed. Transistors based on as-grown crystals have attained band-like field-effect transport in a wide range of temperatures. There are various merits to use organic charge-transfer complexes as the electrode material in organic transistors, and we have realized “self-contact” organic transistors, in which the contact parts are made by chemical doping to the organic material.