89th CEMS Colloquium - The 8th CEMS Award Lectures -


Dr. Shingo Kono (Visiting Scientist, Superconducting Quantum Electronics Research Group, RQC)
Dr. Chen-Hsuan Hsu (Research Scientist, Quantum System Theory Research Team, RIKEN CEMS)
Dr. Licong Peng (Special Postdoctoral Researcher, Electronic States Microscopy Research Team, RIKEN CEMS)
Dr. Kei Takahashi (Senior Research Scientist, Strong Correlation Interface Research Group, RIKEN CEMS)


17:00 - 18:30, April 28, 2021 (Wednesday)


Okochi-Hall, RIKEN


Dr. Shingo Kono
“Applications of waveguide quantum electrodynamics in superconducting quantum information processing”

Dr. Chen-Hsuan Hsu
“Contributions to theoretical understanding of unconventional states of matter in quasi-one-dimensional systems and their realization”

Dr. Licong Peng
“Real-space observation of skyrmions / antiskyrmions and their controlled transformation under various external fields”

Dr. Kei Takahashi
“Exploration of novel quantum transport phenomena in oxide heterostructures fabricated with an originally-developed molecular beam epitaxy system”