Semiconductor Science Research Support Team

Principal Investigator

PI Name Fumihiro Matsukura
Degree D.Sci.
Title Team Leader
Brief Resume
1994 Research Associate, RIEC, Tohoku University
2006 Associate Professor, RIEC, Tohoku University
2012 Professor, AIMR, Tohoku University
2018 Professor, CIES, Tohoku University
2023 Team Leader, Semiconductor Science Research Support Team, RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science (-present)


Our mission is to develop novel technologies with a wide range of applications in nanoscience and nanotechnology and to support the users in RIKEN for nanometer-scale fabrication and the characterization of specimens. We are responsible for the operation of the facilities including the clean room and the chemical rooms with suitable safety measures. The clean room is for the fabrication and characterization of nanometer-scale devices and the chemical rooms are for those of wet samples for chemistry and biology. In the clean room and the chemical rooms, more than 30 apparatus have been installed and are open to the users. We are also responsible for the education of the users.

Research Fields

Physics, Materials Science


Nanometer-scale fabrication
Sample characterization
Education of users


Supporting researchers for nanometer-scale fabrication

To build a sustainable society with environment-device, it is essential to realize energy- effective devices and faster information processes. To realize such devices, the researchers at the Center for Emergent Matter Science are enthusiastically pursuing to development of quantum devices, spin devices and quantum computers. In building such devices, highly sophisticated equipment and support for keeping the best condition of the equipment are required.

Our team is established to support the researcher’s activity by providing skillful expertise. We are responsible for the operation of equipment like lithography systems including  electron beam lithography systems, maskless UV photolithography systems, deposition systems like evaporators and sputters, dry and wet etching systems and observation system as scanning electron microscopy and for keeping them in the best condition. We instruct users in the usage of equipment and provide technical information in fabrication. With our effort, the researchers are now able to fabricate and characterize various devices in the range of 10 nm – 10 µm tirelessly.

Examples of the specimen fabricated in the clean room.

Examples of the specimen fabricated in the clean room.


Fumihiro Matsukura

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2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198 Japan