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  1. S. Nakajima, T. Hashimoto, S. Lu, D. Hashizume, H. Matsuda, T. Hatakeyama, K. Isozaki, H. Takaya, and M. Nakamura

    SciPROP-R: An Effective Bisphosphine Ligand for the Chemo-Selective Iron-Catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling of Alkyl Chlorides

    Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. 96, 1298-1309 (2024) new
  2. Y. Wang, M. O. G. Nayeem, and S. Xiong

    Special issue on “advancements in materials for wearable electronics”

    Mater. Today Commun. 37, 107017 (2024) new
  3. Y. i. Yamamoto, S. Kushida, D. Okada, O. Oki, H. Yamagishi, and Hendra

    Self-Assembled π-Conjugated Organic/Polymeric Microresonators and Microlasers

    Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. 96, 702-710 (2024) new
  4. Y. Wang, Y. Yan, H. Zhang, X. Peng, H. Huang, S. Zhang, and L. Shi

    Stabilizing electron-rich Ni single-atoms on black phosphorus nanosheets boosts photocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction

    J. Colloid Interface Sci. 658, 324-333 (2024) new
  5. T. Takahashi, M. Shiga, T. Teramoto, D. Aoki, Y. O. Nuki, and T. Kawae

    Kondo Resonance in Heavy Fermion System CeRu2Si2 Studied by Point-Contact Spectroscopy

    J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 93, 023704 (2024)
  6. K. Nakazawa, Y. Kato, and Y. Motome

    Magnetic transport and topological properties of Co-based shandite thin films

    Commun. Phys. 7, 48 (2024)
  7. S. Xiong, K. Fukuda, K. Nakano, S. Lee, Y. Sumi, M. Takakuwa, D. Inoue, D. Hashizume, B. Du, T. Yokota, Y. Zhou, K. Tajima, and T. Someya

    Waterproof and ultraflexible organic photovoltaics with improved interface adhesion

    Nat. Commun. 15, 681 (2024)
  8. S. Majumder, S. Choudhury, S. Barman, Y. Otani, and A. Barman

    Tunable strong magnon-magnon coupling in two-dimensional array of diamond shaped ferromagnetic nanodots

    Phys. Scr. 99, 025935 (2024)
  9. X.-Y. Liu, X.-Y. Yan, Y. Liu, H. Qu, Y. Wang, J. Wang, Q.-Y. Guo, H. Lei, X.-H. Li, F. Bian, X.-Y. Cao, R. Zhang, Y. Wang, M. Huang, Z. Lin, E. W. Meijer, T. Aida, X. Kong, and S. Z. D. Cheng

    Self-assembled soft alloy with Frank-Kasper phases beyond metals

    Nat. Mater. (2024)
  10. T. Matsuo, K. Kawabata, and K. Takimiya

    A Novel N-Type Molecular Dopant With a Closed-Shell Electronic Structure Applicable to the Vacuum-Deposition Process

    Adv. Mater. 2311047 (2024)