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  1. J. Kim, and Y. Otani

    Orbital angular momentum for spintronics

    J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 563, 169974 (2022) new
  2. S. Choi, K. Kubo, N. Uchiyama, and T. Takeuchi

    Thermoelectric properties of higher manganese silicide consolidated by flash spark plasma sintering technique

    J. Alloys Compd. 921, 166104 (2022)
  3. I. Krivenko, and A. S. Mishchenko

    TRIQS/SOM 2.0: Implementation of the stochastic optimization with consistent constraints for analytic continuation

    Comput. Phys. Commun. 280, 108491 (2022)
  4. P. Zellekens, R. Deacon, P. Perla, D. Gruetzmacher, M. I. Lepsa, T. Schaepers, and K. Ishibashi

    Microwave spectroscopy of Andreev states in InAs nanowire-based hybrid junctions using a flip-chip layout

    Commun. Phys. 5, 267 (2022)
  5. L. Sun, K. Fukuda, and T. Someya

    Recent progress in solution-processed flexible organic photovoltaics

    npj Flex. Electron. 6, 89 (2022)
  6. M. Masuko, M. Kawamura, R. Yoshimi, M. Hirayama, Y. Ikeda, R. Watanabe, J. J. He, D. Maryenko, A. Tsukazaki, K. S. Takahashi, M. Kawasaki, N. Nagaosa, and Y. Tokura

    Nonreciprocal charge transport in topological superconductor candidate Bi2Te3/PdTe2 heterostructure

    npj Quantum Mater. 7, 104 (2022)
  7. G. Liu, Z. Li, X. Hu, Y. Qin, C.-S. Lee, D. Chen, L. Wang, J. Liu, P. Wang, Y.-J. Pu, and Y. Wang

    Efficient and stable one-micrometre-thick organic light-emitting diodes

    Nat. Photonics (2022)
  8. Y. H. Matsuda, Y. Muraoka, D. Nakamura, A. Ikeda, Y. Ishii, X.-G. Zhou, H. Sawabe, and S. Takeyama

    Magnetic-Field-Induced Insulator Metal Transition of W-doped VO2 Observed by Electromagnetic Flux Compression at ISSP

    J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 91, 101008 (2022)
  9. N. Kanazawa, Y. Fujishiro, K. Akiba, R. Kurihara, H. Mitamura, A. Miyake, A. Matsuo, K. Kindo, M. Tokunaga, and Y. Tokura

    Topological Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena Associated with Unwinding of Spin Crystals by High Magnetic Fields

    J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 91, 101002 (2022)
  10. C.-L. Zhang, T. Liang, Y. Kaneko, N. Nagaosa, and Y. Tokura

    Giant Berry curvature dipole density in a ferroelectric Weyl semimetal

    npj Quantum Mater. 7, 103 (2022)